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How to share a bite, playlist or a quiz?

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Sharing Your Bites, Playlists & Quizzes

Congrats! You've created a Bite, playlist, or quiz. Now, it's time for you to share it with your employees.

You have two ways to share your content: organically or through our communication hub.

Communication Hub

For the best engagement, we recommend using the communication hub. This allows you to reach your employees directly on their phones via channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and Teams. Each employee will receive a personalized message and an “authentication” link for automatic login, ensuring a frictionless experience and seamless progress tracking. Check out the guide to the communication hub here.

Organic Sharing

You can also share your Bites organically with a link. To generate the link, click on the relevant Bite and click “share.” This link can be shared on any channel.

This link can be shared on any channel.

There are several privacy-level options for your Bite, which you can change from the share settings screen.

Sharing content organically from the desktop app is also available. When you tap the 'share' button, a bottom menu bar with sharing options appears


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