Once the content is created, you would probably like to share it with your employees.

Before tapping the 'Share' button, notice the 'Sharing' settings below the 'Share' button:

When a share is defined as “Open to all”, anyone with a link can access it without being a signed user. As an admin, you’ll know how many people viewed your Bite without knowing who viewed it.

When a share is defined as “Know who watched you Bite!” - the recipients of the content (usually your employees), would have to be signed users to view the Bite, or they can sign up when receiving the Bite.

* Note that there is an 'Advanced' option where you can still enable users to sign up upon receiving the Bite, but they'll have to enter an access code.

The “Restricted” mode is the same as “know who watched your Bite” except clicking the link won’t let new users sign up. Only already signed users can access it.

The "Unpublished" option means that only you can view the Bite, and even people that the Bites was sent to them cannot view it anymore.

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