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How to add collaborators to my workspace
How to add collaborators to my workspace

How to add other users, so they can access contents, collaborate and create their contents in the same workspace.

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Adding Collaborators to your Workspace

A Workspace can have many different users who can access all the contents in it , create and collaborate. Collaborators will be able to see contents that were created by others, clone, view stats and share them. You can keep your Bites private and hidden from other collaborators by setting them to private on the Bites settings.

How to add new collaborators to a workspace

  1. Open the side menu and click on Invite Collaborators, and copy the invite message. This message contains an access code that your collaborators will need to join your workspace. Send this message to whomever you want to invite.

  2. To join your workspace your collaborators will need to sign up or sign in to the app. It can also be done on desktop on

  3. Once they are in, they need to open the side menu and click on "Workspace":

  4. Next, click on "Join a workspace" and enter the access code that was sent to them:

    When to add Collaborators to Workspace?

    It is important to know that this is needed only for adding users that you want to have as collaborators and creators. For users that you want only to watch and engage with content, this is not necessary. All you need to do in this case is send them the content.

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