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How can I create a playlist?

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Introduction to Creating Playlists

A playlist is a way to group a few Bites and create our version of training courses. You can use playlists to help your employees learn the skills they need in the order and format you want. Here we will cover the steps for creating a playlist and customizing the experience.

Creating a Playlist

First, create all the Bites you wish to group together.

Once all of the Bites are ready, tap the "+" button ('Create' on the desktop app), select the 'Playlist' option and select the Bites you wish to group.

How to create a playlist

Once everything has been selected, you can change the order of the Bites in the playlist.

Advanced Playlist Option

'Watch in order" - when enabled, the employee would have to see the Bites in the same order you've arranged the Bite and won't be able to skip to the next one until the previous one is finished.

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