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How To Create a Bite

This article will explore and elaborate about all the possibilities of creating a Bite.

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Let's create a Bite!

But first - what's a bite?

The Bite is the basic yet most effective and engaging content unit you can create.

It has four main sections:

  • The Story - Create media-based content to deliver the information and message briefly, accurately, and to the point in an engaging and effective way.

  • The Question - Create a question to make sure your employees really understood the information or message.

  • The Summary - Summarize the bite with the main key takeaways you want people to walk away with.

  • The Discussion - Where users can interact with each other, add comments and stir conversations.

* Note: You don't have to include all four bite sections - they can all be skipped.

Creating a Bite is as easy as 1,2,3...

To start creating any content, click on the plus sign (mobile) or the create button on the side menu (desktop) and select "New Bite".

Add Media

Now we get to the first section - the professional story. There are different types of media from different sources you can add to this section:

  1. Create new media-based content using Bites' camera and advanced video editing tools (available only on mobile).

  2. Add an existing video from your gallery or library and edit it

  3. Add a YouTube video - Trim and focus on any specific part of it, if necessary.

Learn more about our advanced video editing capabilities here.

Create a question

There are three types of questions - Multiple answers, open-ended, and survey.

The most common type of question is the multiple answers question; it allows you to have a clear visibility of who understood the story part and who hasn't and gather great quantitative data.

Open-ended questions and surveys are mostly used to gather qualitative information from your employees (e.g., "what kind of pushback are you getting when trying to sell this product?")


Write the main key takeaways you want your employees to remember. We recommend writing three main key takeaways.


Choose whether to enable a professional discussion on the bite or not.

Discussion is a great way to engage with your employees and hear their feedback, questions, insights and much more!

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