Bite Settings

Control basic behavior and privacy of the Bite.

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Introduction to Bite Settings

Bites settings, allow you to control a few core behaviors of the Bite that will affect the viewer experience and define its privacy level:

You can find Bites settings both on the final creation screen and on the main edit screen in the top right corner on the three dots button:

These are the settings you can control:

My Bite is private

This controls wether other collaborators in your workspace will be able to view or access the Bite you created. Setting this toggle to On will hide it from other users while keeping it accessible on your feed.
* Important - this does not affect the visibility of the Bite to end users, meaning that if you share the link, it can be watched. If you want to have a Bite unpublished it can be done from the share settings.

Allow Discussion

Controls the availability of the discussion section for this Bite.

Allow skip

Defines wether the viewer has to watch the entire video to completion before being able to continue to the next section of the Bite, or not. Allow skip On - will let the user skip the video and move to the question or summary section.
Allow skip Off - will require the user to watch the video to completion and if that was not done, they will see a message that directs them to do so before moving on.


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