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What is a Bite?

What is a Bite and how can I add more questions?

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The Bite

The Bite is the most basic and effective content you can create on our platform.

After countless testing through different industries, different types of Bites and tens of thousands of employees, we found the '4 stages Bite' to be the most effective and engaging!

These 4 stages represent the complete learning cycle: media-based story, one question, summary cards and a discussion.

'Professional Story'

In this stage, you can create engaging media-based content you wish your employees to learn or know.

You can create the content via our advanced video editor, upload legacy content, embed content from YouTube and more.


In this stage, you can create different types of questions, such as multi-choice, open-ended questions and even surveys.


Here, you should write in 2-3 cards the key takeaways you wish your employees would remember.


In this stage, you can open a discussion with your employees about the content you shared with them, give them a place to ask questions, bring their insights and create real engagement with them.

You can skip some of the stages, create playlists for longer content (our version for long courses), and quizzes if you wish to have more than one question, but we highly recommend that most of the content you create will be in the '4 stages' format.

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