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Clone (Duplicate) a Bite

How to clone a Bite?

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Cloning a Bite

Use cases

  1. When you want to create different variations of your Bite - different languages, different questions, different focus.

  2. When you want to edit a Bite created by a different user, make it your own.

  3. When you want to use one of the existing contents from the explore feed and use them as a template or share them as your own so you can track activity.

How to clone a Bite?

Cloning a Bite is very simple and can be done from the same place you edit a Bite:

  1. Click on the Bite that you want to clone

  2. on the bottom bar, click the three dots button to reveal more options.

  3. Click the clone button.

  4. If you are a user of multiple workspaces, you can select which workspace you want the Bite cloned to.

  5. That's it! You can go to your Bites feed, and you will be able to find the Bite there and edit or share it as your own.

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