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Video Editing Features

All the features that video editor has and how to use them to create an amazing story.

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This article explains how to use the video editing tool.

Video editor tool

Clicking on the "video" button

The first step will launch the camera tool - You can shoot a video on the spot or add videos from your phone gallery. You can add multiple video clips and photos to create your video.

  1. To shoot a video, press and hold the record button.

  2. To upload media from your gallery, click on the small thumbnail in the bottom right corner.

  3. After you are done adding your resources, click on the NEXT button.

Trim and arrange your clips

  1. To trim, hold and drag the handles at the edges of your clips

  2. To split - click on the selected clip and the click the split button.

  3. To rearrange, press and hold the clip, until the display changes, and then drag it to the desired location.

  4. To add more clips from your gallery - click on the plus sign

  5. To add transitions - Click between 2 clips.

  6. When you are done, click on the NEXT button.

video editor

Now you can add multiple elements, filters and layers.

  1. Add Text captions - type your text, set the color and background, place it where you want it to appear on the screen and then set the location and duration of it on the timeline.

  2. Add Gifs - by clicking the gif button you can add different types of gifs that can assist you delivering the message, from arrows that focus on an element, all the way to funny gifs to lighten up the mood.
    After adding the Gif, you can place it, resize it, and set the exact location and duration on the timeline.

  3. Add Effects - Click the effects button and you will be able to add effects to the video as it plays. Hold down the desired effect while video is playing and it will be added to it for the duration the button was clicked.

  4. Add background music and voiceover - Clicking on the music button will let you add soundtracks from your local phone library or recording a voiceover/narration for the video. After adding the sound layers you can place them wherever you want on the timeline and control the volume levels.

  5. Control playback speed - Clicking on the speed button will open the video timeline and let you play it. While video is playing, press and hold the slow-mo or rapid buttons to apply the effect in the location and for the duration the button is held down.

  6. Add a Color Filter - Clicking the filters button will let you add a color filter to the entire video/

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