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Video editor - October 22 update
Video editor - October 22 update

Our October 2022 video editor updates

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Video editor updates

Switcher Photo / Video

Aiming to ease the use of the recording functionality, we've added a switcher of photo and video modes below the recording button. This also means that the user can start recording a video with just one tap on the record button (in the video mode) and finish - with the second tap.

Recording with a long tap is still available, as well.

Changes in timer and hands-free mode

We've simplified the timer and made it even more friendly.

You can now set the timer length by:

Set the length of the recorded clip (if it’s a video mode) -> Clicks countdown -> The countdown starts -> After 3-2-1, recording starts automatically (no additional actions from the user are required)

Content preview in the gallery

Easily preview photos and videos from the gallery before selecting them to upload in the video editor.

Change the video volume

Change and increase the initial volume of the video (>100%)

Zoom in when recording

You can now zoom in on the image while recording.

Do it with a pinch gesture or by holding the button and swiping it up.

That's it for this time :)

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