You can embed Google slides and PowerPoint presentations as the professional story section of the Bite.

Here is how you can embed a Google slides presentation:

Start by creating a new bite or a quiz.

Choose 'Import' and then 'Google Slides'

Now you'll need to paste the embed code in the top bar:

Where can I find the embed code?

The easiest way to retrieve the embed code is directly through the google slides presentation on a desktop computer or a laptop.

Go to File > Share > Publish to web.

Choose the Embed tab and click 'Publish':

Copy the text in the frame and paste it to the designated place in the bites app

Important note!

Make sure that the share setting of your google slides presentation allows the relevant users to view it!

We recommend setting it to 'Anyone with the link' > Viewer.

Pro Tip: It's best to design the presentations as portraits!

Go to File > Page setup > Custom > Switch between the two cells to be 7.75 X 10 Inches (instead of 10 X 5.63).

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