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What is a cover image and how to edit it?

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Changing a Cover Image

A cover image of a Bite (or playlist) is like a YouTube video thumbnail, a preview of an album in your gallery or a file on your computer.

The cover image will be displayed as the preview images in your employees instant messaging channels and also in their personal knowledge feed:

Bite cover image

How to change a cover image?

Once you finished creating the bite, you'll see a summary screen with an automatic cover image that will be created based on the media part.

Bites cover image

You can change the cover image by clicking the 'Edit cover picture' button.

Once you clicked this you'll see three different options:

  • Choosing from an online roialty free image stock.

  • Choosing from your gallery.

  • Opening the camera a shooting a photo.

The best cover image represents the subject of the bite and is eye catching when scrolling through the feed and intrigues your employees when they receive it in instant messaging.

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